Catalogue 7 - STAUFF Test

A 39 Test Couplings Catalogue 7 § Edition 06/2024 Colour Marking Rings for Test Couplings and Test Hose Assemblies Hydraulic test couplings and test hose assemblies of the STAUFF Test 20 and STAUFF Test 15 series made of steel and stainless steel can optionally be equipped with colour marking rings. Typical areas of application: § distinguish between hydraulic circuits § distinguish pressure ranges (suction line, pressure line, return line, etc.) § distinguish between test intervals and test times § distinguish between types of media (oil, gas, water, etc.) § distinguish between types of couplings (ball check or poppet valve) § Marking of suitable positions for sampling § Marking of suitable positions for filling or venting the system The colour marking rings are available as accessories in currently five standard colours: Depending on the required quantities, other colours are also available on request. Please note: Slight colour deviations may occur due to production. If required, the colour marking rings can be applied by the user very easily, flexibly and without the need for tools. Retrofitting on already installed couplings and test hose lines is also possible without any problems. The rings are placed in the standard groove of the knurled protection and connection caps of test couplings and test hose connectors. The high resis- tance of the knurled caps made of steel and stainless steel to environmen- tal influences is not limited by the use of the rings at all. The colour marking rings are manufactured from thermoplastic polyuretha- ne (TPU). TPU is a lightweight, elastic material with very good abrasion and wear resistance, paired with high resilience. Selecting the right material was one of the crucial criteria for the develop- ment of the colour marking rings. Resistance to all media generally used in hydraulic systems was therefore of great importance. In addition to this, the ring material is also resistant to other oils, greases and a number of common solvents. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) used is thermally stable and also features excellent UV resistance. Colour RAL Code Ordering Codes Packaging Unit l RAL 9005 MR-TEST-17.1x1x4-K-RD 25 l RAL 3000 MR-TEST-17.1x1x4-K-BK 25 l RAL 1018 MR-TEST-17.1x1x4-K-YE 25 l RAL 5005 MR-TEST-17.1x1x4-K-BU 25 l RAL 6002 MR-TEST-17.1x1x4-K-GN 25 Grooves for colour marking rings Colour marking rings in the corresponding groove