Catalogue 2 - STAUFF Connect 251 P Performance ƒ final assembly (100 %) ƒ Short times for tool changes, setup and assembly ƒ Tool size detection via RFID transponders in the support plates ƒ Automatic assembly start through integrated tool contact switch ƒ Tool wear detection through combined pressure/position-control ƒ Internal memory for up to 9 assembly programs which can be selected on the operating panel: predefined are tube materials steel E235 and E355 as well as stainless steel 316; parameters for other materials (copper, CuNiFe, Tungum, polyamide etc.) can be added by the manufacturer if required ƒ Counters for lot/batch sizes and total quantities (separated by tool size) ƒ Documented process control through programmable logic control (PLC) ƒ Predefined menu languages: English, German, French and Italian ƒ Manual pressure adjustment possible Design a Robust and ergonomically designed machine housing b Optimised assembly area, which allows processing of tubes with low bending radii (to at least 31 mm distance from the tube axis to the interfering edge of the machine housing) or complex geometries c Noise-reducing tool tray with durable rubber mat d Lateral handle bars as attachment points for transport (e.g. with lifting belts) e Secure positioning thanks to flexible rubber machine feet f Type plate, with technical data, serial number, year of manufacture, etc. Operating Elements g Operating panel for display and selection of all relevant settings and assembly parameters h Button for definite confirmation of entries made on the operating panel i Status light to indicate readiness for operation and running assembly processes Safety Devices j Main power switch (can be secured against unauthorised actuation when required) k Separate emergency stop button to immediately stop all machine movements l Light grid to protect users when reaching into the assembly area Connections (at the back of the machine) m Electrical connection according to IEC 60309 CEE 16A (cable length: 4m) and Ethernet connection (RJ45) for maintenance and data input by the manufacturer Assembly Tools n Wear-resistant assembly stud FI-MFK o Support plate FI-GP with RFID transponder Characteristics Technical Data Area of Application ƒ Function: final assembly (100%) of cutting rings on metric tube ends ƒ Operating principle: Assembly with combined pressure/position-control ƒ Series and diameters: Extra-Light Series (LL): 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm Light Series (L): 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42 mm Heavy Series (S): 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25, 30, 38 mm Dimensions / Weight ƒ Dimensions (W x D x H): 780mm x 650mm x 305mm with lateral handle bars (detachable) ƒ Distance from the tube axis to the interfering edge of the machine housing: 80mm ƒ Clearance height: 65mm (height of the machine feet) enables simple and safe transport using a forklift or pallet jack ƒ Weight: 95kg (incl. operating fluid, excl. assembly tools) Materials ƒ Machine frame: Aluminium ƒ Machine housing: Steel, painted ƒ Tool tray: NBR (Perbunan®) ƒ Machine feet: Natural rubber ƒ Assembly studs: Steel, PVD coated ƒ Support plates: Steel, browned Motor Configuration ƒ Power supply: 400 V AC @ 50 Hz - 3 phases 460 V AC @ 60 Hz - 3 phases ƒ Current consumption: 2,7 A ƒ Connected load: 0,9 kW ƒ Electrical connection: Phase reversing plug according to IEC 60309 CEE 16A ƒ Cable length: 4m Alternative motor configurations and plug types are available on request. Please contact STAUFF for details. Hydraulic System ƒ Operating fluid: Hydraulic oil Shell Tellus S2 MA 46 or equivalent (filled and ready for operation when delivered) ƒ Fluid volume: 4 litres ƒ Max working pressure: 450 bar Operating Conditions ƒ Storage temperature: -10°C … +70°C ƒ Ambient temperature: +15°C … +35°C ƒ Ambient conditions: Dry, no condensing humidity, operation in horizontal position only ƒ Noise emission: less than 66 dB(A) as per EN ISO 11202 at full-load operation with maximum tube dimensions STAUFF Press Cutting Ring Final Assembly Machine Type SPR-PRC-POC-A-A-IOT Catalogue 2 § Edition 03/2024 Assembly Tools / Devices STAUFF Maintenance Contracts Please contact STAUFF for a maintenance contract, that provides optimum service for your STAUFF assembly machine. STAUFF Machine Rental Please contact STAUFF for a rental machine and further details of what this service can offer.