Catalogue 2 - STAUFF Connect

250 P STAUFF Press Cutting Ring Final Assembly Machine Type SPR-PRC-POC-A-A-IOT The STAUFF Press Assembly Machine SPR-PRC-POC- A-A-IOT allows the pressure/position-controlled final assembly of cutting rings from the Extra-Light Series (LL), the Light Series (L) and the Heavy Series (S) according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 on tube ends with outer diameters between 4 mm and 42 mm. The machine is designed as a robust table-top device for continuous operation in the workshop. It is used in connection with hardened and wear-resistant assembly studs FI-FMK and support plates FI-GP which are specially designed for the machine-assisted assembly. The combined pressure/position-control of the device allows wear on the assembly tools to be detected in time before it can have a negative influence on the assembly result. Maximum service life of the tools is achieved through careful handling of the components and practical operation of the assembly machine. Other factors are proper storage (protected against contamination and corrosion), regular cleaning and lubrication (with suitable lubricants) and thorough preparation of the tube ends before assembly (cutting, deburring and cleaning). Short times for tool changes, setup and assembly make it possible to carry out series assembly of cutting rings as well as assembly of small and medium quantities with a high level of economic efficiency, reproducibility and process reliability. Among other things, this is achieved with the RFID transponders – which are integrated into the support plates for automatic tool size identification as a standard – and with the tool contact switch: this allows assembly processes to be automatically started and completed by simply pushing the tube end into the assembly stud without having to press any buttons. The assembly area is secured against interference by a light grid to comply with current accident prevention regulations. With machine-assisted final assembly , the cutting ring has already cut 100% into the tube and the fitter only has to tighten the union nut by 30° (corresponds to 1/12 turns) from the fix point. Please pay attention to the corresponding assembly instruction. Final assembly (100%) minimises the risk for errors (insufficient or excessive manual tightening) and the resulting leak potentials which can often lead to time consuming and expensive machine downtimes and environmental impact. Due to the time benefits during final tightening, final assembly by machine also gener- ates clear saving potentials compared to manual direct assembly as well as to machine-assisted pre-assembly. In case of incorrect or incomplete assembly where pressure and position parameters significantly deviate from the values stored in the machine, it automatically stops the assembly process and displays a corresponding warning message on the operating panel. The integrated Cloud connection allows preventive maintenance via remote access and facilitates the documentation of assembly process. For more infor- mation please see page 256. Product Description a b c d e f g h i j k l o n Machine-Assisted Final Assembly (100%) and finish the assembly by manually tightening the union nut by 30° (equivalent to 1/12 a turn) Machine-Assisted Pre-Assembly and finish the assembly by manually tightening the union nut by 90° (equivalent to 1/4 a turn) Time required Tube Preparation (Inspection, Cutting, De-Burring, Cleaning etc.) Machine-Assisted Assembly Processes Manual Assembly Processes Noise-reducing tool tray with durable rubber mat Lateral handle bars and rubber machine feet with suitable clearance height Operating elements of the assembly machine Electrical connection plug and Ethernet port (RJ45) Comparison of the total times required for the assembly and installation of cutting ring connections (medium size) m m d e c g i j k h Catalogue 2 § Edition 03/2024 Assembly Tools / Devices IoT