STAUFF The simpler the assembly the more secure the connection

38 fluid · 06 2023 Hydraulics Hydraulic tube connectors The simpler the assembly, the more secure the connection When connecting hydraulic tubes, the external threads of the connectors generally need to be lightly lubricated. This step is not necessary with the tube connectors from the Stauff Connect range, as the lubricant is part of the zinc/nickel coating of this range. T he reliability of hydraulic line systems is a crucial factor in the operation of mobile machinery. Leaks cause environmental pollution and ma- chine downtime. This, in turn, can lead to significant loss of revenue for users, particularly in the agricultural sector, where there are often only weather-related time windows available for individual operations. Assembly errors are the most common cause of leaks. From the initial design of its Stauff Connect tube connector range, Stauff therefore placed particular emphasis on ensuring that its connections could be fitted simply, cost-effec- tively and in as few steps as possible. Stauff ’s zinc-nickel coating is a key element of this approach. This coating is known on the market for its excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Until now, however, the full-liner has communicated very little about a feature of all the components of hydraulic line systems, which offers par- ticular assembly benefits to the manufacturers of mobile machines: the ‘sealer’, that is the lubricant that normally has to be applied to the connector in a separate work step, is actually part of the coating itself. So one less work step. And a further step, namely tightening the connec- tor, becomes easier and thus safer. Excellent assembly safety without lubrication When tube connectors have to be lubricated, a step that is necessary with most manufacturers’ products, the as- sembly methods differ between lubricated and non-lu- bricated connections. The angles of rotation can differ by up to 40% with the same force. Fitters cannot therefore simply and intu- itively adopt a standard assembly strategy, but instead need to work with different torques and tightening an- gles. However, if the lubricant is already contained, as is the case with Stauff ’s zinc-nickel coating, then the The lubricant is inte- grated into Stauff’s zinc-nickel coating. Images: Stauff „Stauff always has the user‘s situation in mind during the devel- opment of its products.“ André Degen, Application Engineer at Stauff