Catalogue 9 - STAUFF Filtration Technology C 49 Product Description STAUFF SFA series Medium Pressure Filters are designed for in-line hydraulic applications with a maximum operating pressure of 160 bar / 2320 PSI. Used together with STAUFF SE series Filter Elements, a high efficiency of contamination removal is assured. The dirt-hold capacity of the elements ensures long service life, and as a result, reduced maintenance costs. Technical Data Construction ƒ Designed for in-line assembly, with threaded mounting holes on top of the head. Materials ƒ Filter head: Cast Aluminium ƒ Filter bowl: Aluminium ƒ O-rings: NBR (Buna-N®) FKM (Viton®) EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer-Rubber) ƒ Support ring: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Port Connections ƒ BSP ƒ NPT ƒ SAE O-ring thread ƒ SAE 3000 PSI (Code 61) flange Operating Pressure ƒ SFA-014/030: Max. 160 bar / 2320 PSI Max. 190 bar / 2755 PSI (according to ANSI T2.6.1. R2-2001) ƒ SFA-045/070: Max. 150 bar / 2175 PSI Max. 171 bar / 2480 PSI (according to ANSI T2.6.1. R2-2001) Burst Pressure ƒ Min. 480 bar / 6960 PSI Temperature Range ƒ -20 °C ... +100 °C / -44 °F ... +212 °F (Short term up to +110°C / +230 °F) Filter Elements ƒ Specifications see page 52 Media Compatibility ƒ Mineral oils, other fluids on request Options and Accessories Valves ƒ Bypass valve: Allows unfiltered oil to bypass the contaminated element once the opening pressure has been reached, a differential pressure of 6 + 0,5 bar / 87 + 7.25 PSI ∆p is the standard setting. Other settings available upon request. ƒ Reverse flow valve: Allows reverse flow through the filter head without backflushing the element. ƒ Non-return valve: Prevents draining of the delivery line during element change. ƒ Multi-function valve: Opening pressure 6 +0,5 bar / 87 +7.25 PSI Bypass, reverse flow capability and non-return valve combined in one valve. Clogging Indicators ƒ Standard actuating pressure: 5 -0,5 bar / 72.5 -7.25 PSI ∆p Other actuating pressure settings are available upon request. ƒ Available indicators: Visual Electrical Visual-electrical (24 V DC, 110 V AC, 230 V AC versions) Double Visual-electrical (24 V DC) Clogging Indicator HI Filter Head SHA Valve HV Filter Element SE Filter Bowl SBA Medium Pressure Filters § Type SFA Catalogue 9 § Edition 06/2024 Pressure Filters