Catalogue 9 - STAUFF Filtration Technology

180 G Catalogue 9 § Edition 02/2023 Offline and Bypass Filters Product Description STAUFF Offline and Bypass Filter Systems are designed to keep hydraulic and lubrication systems free of particles and water contamination. STAUFF OLS and BPS Units utilize the STAUFF Systems concept for the removal of contamination from hydraulic and lubrication systems. Desiccant Air Breathers, which clean and dry the air entering the reservoir, are also part of this contamination removal system. STAUFF Systems will provide optimal system cleanliness for today’s sophisticated hydraulic and lubrication systems. ƒ Increased flow capacity and dirt-hold capacity ƒ Prevention of channel forming by radial filtration direction ƒ Extremely clean oil due to the high filtration efficiency ß 0,5 ≥ 200, ß 2 ≥ 2330 ƒ Compact and easy-maintenance design ƒ Longer usage life for oil and components Material ƒ Housing: Anodized Aluminium, available with one, two or four filter housings in two different length Housing Pressure ƒ Max. 20 bar / 290 PSI System Volume ƒ Max. 10800 l / 2853 US GAL Connections ƒ G3/8, G1/2 and G3/4, Fitting with 18L connection Differential Pressure ƒ Max. 6,2 bar / 90 PSI Temperature ƒ Max. +80 °C / +176 °F media temperature Media Compatibility ƒ Mineral and lubrication oils, others on request Options and Accessories Clogging Indicators ƒ Visual Clogging Indicators Type OLS ƒ Offline Filter System with intergrated motor/pump unit ƒ Availab Special designed for industrial applications Type OLSW ƒ Water absorbing filter elements with large water holding capacity Type OLSH ƒ Pre-heating unit and extremely efficient filter elements ƒ Increased flow capacity Type SMWV ƒ Designated oil purification unit, it dehydrates and cleans most types of oils such as lubricating, hydraulic, transformer and switch oils ƒ Efficient water, gas and particle removal ƒ System volume: max. 3.000 l / 795 gal ƒ Recirculating flow rate: 90 l/h / 23.8 gal/hr ƒ Backpressure: max. 1 bar / 14.5 PSI ƒ Extension of fluid life ƒ Reduces fluid disposal ƒ Minimizes corrosion ƒ Reduced failures and downtime ƒ Reduce operating costs Type BPS ƒ Bypass filter units are especially designed for mobile ƒ Applications in hydraulic and/or transmission systems ƒ No special motor-pump unit is required