Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics

70 C Particle Monitor § LPM-II-plus Product Description The LPM-II-plus Particle Monitor determines the contamina- tion level of the measured fluid on eight size channels and offers precise and complete determination of particle sizes in accordance with international standards. The LPM-II-plus is an automatic, optical particle counter with high-performance LEDs that work on the light obscuration principle. STAUFF recommends recalibrating the measuring equipment at regular intervals. ƒ Multicolour indicators via LCD (K versions) and LED with output alarm signals as standard ƒ Secondary connector to allow the simultaneous control/ download of results during operation ƒ 4-20mA analogue output as standard (time multiplex) Options ƒ Moisture sensor / temperature sensor: RH in % (relative humidity) and temperatures in °C ƒ Phosphate Ester- (e.g. Skydrol®) and Water Glycol- compatible devices are available on request ƒ USB Port for Data transfer (optional) Technical Data Channels ƒ >4,6,14,21,25,38,50,70 µm(c) according to ISO 4406:1999 Measuring Range / Purity Classes ƒ ISO 4406:1999 Code 0 to 25, NAS 1638 Class 00 to 12, AS4059 Rev. E. Tables 1 and 2 Sizes A-F: Classes 000 to 12, ISO 11218 Classes 00 to 12 (lower codes or classes are test time-dependent) Precision ƒ ±1/2 Code for 4, 6, 14 µm(c) ƒ ±1 Code for larger particles Calibration ƒ Each device is individually calibrated using ISO Medium Test Dust (MTD) in accordance with ISO 11171 (1999); Flow ƒ 20 ... 400 ml/min / 0.005 ... 0.11 US GPM Viscosity Range ƒ ≤ 1000 mm²/s Medium Temperature ƒ -25 °C ... +80 °C / -13 °F ... +176 °F *pressure-dependent Data Storage ƒ Max. 4000 measuring results Interfaces ƒ RS485, RS232, Modbus, CAN Bus ƒ 4-20 mA time multiplex interface ƒ USB interface to transfer measured data to a data carrier (optional) International Protection Rating ƒ IP 65/67: Dust-proof and protected from spray ƒ Impact resistance rating IK04 Power Supply / Power ƒ 9 ... 36 V DC, < 2.2 W (connecting cable with flying leads is included) Current Consumption ƒ 12 V: 70 mA (LPM-II-plus-O), 150 mA (LPM-II-plus-D) ƒ 24 V: 40 mA (LPM-II-plus-O), 80 mA (LPM-II-plus-D) ƒ 36 V: 30 mA (LPM-II-plus-O), 60 mA (LPM-II-plus-D) Housing Surface Treatment ƒ Polyurethane based paint, according to BSX34 colour BS381-638 (dark sea grey) ƒ Tested according to: BS2X34A and BS2X34B, MMO114 and SP-J-513-083 Part II. Cl. A ƒ The unit meets: MIL-PRF-85285 Wetted parts ƒ M: C46400 Cu Alloy, 316 Stainless Steel, FKM (Viton®), FR4, Sapphire ƒ G: 316 Stainless Steel, FKM (Viton®), Sapphire ƒ E: 316 Stainless Steel, Perfluorinated Rubber (FFKM), Sapphire, EPDM Ambient Temperature ƒ LMP II-O: -25 °C ... +80 °C / -13 °F ... +176 °F ƒ LMP II-D: -25 °C ... +55 °C / -13 °F ... +131 °F Weight ƒ 1,6kg / 3.53 lbs Fluid Compatibility ƒ M: suitable for Synthetic and Mineral Oil based fluids, Diesel and Petroleum ƒ G: Austenitic Stainless Steel, FKM (Viton®): suitable for offshore and aqueous fluids ƒ E: Austenitic Stainless Steel, Perfluorinated Rubber (FFKM): suitable for Phosphate Ester and aggressive media Max. Permissible Operating Pressure ƒ 420 bar / 6091 PSI static *temperature-dependent (Note: In systems with extreme pressure peaks, please contact STAUFF) Test Duration ƒ Settable between 10 ... 3600 sec., set ex-works to 120 sec. ƒ As standard with start delay and freely programmable test intervals Moisture Sensor / Temperature Sensor ƒ % RH (relative humidity) ±3 % ƒ ±3 °C / ±32 °F Volumetric Flow Measurement ƒ As display only Hose Connections ƒ Test coupling STAUFF Test 20 or comparable (M16 x 2) Order Codes a Series and Type Particle Monitor LPM-II-plus (Incl. LPM-II-CAB-P-FL-3 connecting cable) b Version With display and keypad D Without display and keypad O c Fluid Compatibility Fluids based on Mineral Oil and Petroleum (standard) M Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol®) E Specific Water Glycols G Note: If you have any queries on fluid compatibility, please contact STAUFF. d Moisture Sensor / Temperature Sensor Without moisture sensor / temperature sensor O With moisture sensor / temperature sensor W e Interface USB interface to transfer measured data to a data carrier U Note: In the case applications with extreme pressure peaks, please contact STAUFF. Note: Versions “E” and “G” can only be supplied without moisture sensor / temperature sensor Note: You need an interface module with either a USB or an Ethernet interface for exporting and programming. Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Oil Analysis Equipment Diagtronics LPM-II-plus 123 (4.85) 61,5 (2.42) 133 (5.24) 141,63 (5.58) 40,31 (1.59) Ø 7 (.28) 65 (2.56) 31,5 (1.24) 31,5 (1.24) Flow M16x2 test coupling M16x2 test coupling 65,31 (2.56) 37,5 (1.48) 175,6 (6.91) 47,81 (1.88) LPM-II-plus - D - M - W - U