Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics

64 C Product Description The LasPaC-II-M is a highly accurate laser particle counter. With a competitive price, the LasPaC-II-M is the best compromise between lower cost and briliant accuracy/reliability. Laser Particle Counter § Type LasPaC-II-M (Mobile) Features Versatile - Lightweight and Convenient The LasPaC-II-M (Mobile) is designed for applications where it is necessary to have a small, light and robust service unit. Low Cost - Same Functions for a Budget Price Without losing the quality in measurement accuracy, reliability and repeatability the LasPaC-II-M is a cost effective alternative to the fully equipped LasPaC-II-P. Options ƒ Moisture / Temperature Sensor This sensor measures the moisture content of the test fluids (displayed as relative humidity in RH %) and also indicates the current fluid temperature (in ˚C). For further information please see on page 67. ƒ Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol ® ) or specific Water Glycol fluids units on request ƒ LasPaC-II-M also available without integrated battery LasPaC-II-M also available without integrated battery Order Codes LasPaC-II - M - M - - B a Type and Series Laser Particle Counter LasPaC-II b Version Mobile M c Fluid Compatibility Mineral Oil, Petroleum based fluids (standard option) M Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol ® ) E Specific Water Glycol fluids G d Moisture/ Temperature Sensor Without moisture/ temperature sensor O With moisture/ temperature sensor W Please note: The moisture/ temperature sensor is not suitable for Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol®) and Water Glycol fluids. e Battery With internal rechargeable battery (standard option) B Without internal rechargeable battery O LasPaC-II-M with integrated battery (standard option) Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Oil Analysis Equipment