Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics

62 C Product Description The LasPaC-II-P (Portable) is the most complete way to measure the contamination level of your system. With the LasPaC-II-P you have the ability to measure, analyze and document your results immediately without the need of any additional equipment. Laser Particle Counter § Type LasPaC-II-P (Portable) Features Quick Results - Fast Results and Easy Operation The integrated complete QWERTY keyboard, a large LCD display and intuitive handling all lead to the easy and quick operation of the LasPaC-II Portable. The optimized flushing process of the LasPaC-II-P is quick and effective, and allows for continuously accurate measurements. Black and White - Integrated Printer The integrated printer in the LasPaC-II-P supports print-outs in the field, thus providing immediate documentation. Every printout confirms date and time of your measurement. Independent Use - Rechargeable Battery Mode The integrated rechargeable battery of the LasPaC-II-P allows the use of on site measurements, even in the event where access of an external power source is not available. The measurement data is stored in the internal memory of the unit and can be transferred to a computer when required. Once charged the LasPaC-II-P can run approximately 100 tests before recharging is needed again. Options ƒ Moisture / Temperature Sensor This sensor measures the moisture content of the test fluids (displayed as relative humidity in RH %) and also indicates the current fluid temperature (in ˚C). For further information please see on page 67. ƒ Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol ® ) or specific Water Glycol fluids units on request Order Codes LasPaC-II - P - M - O a Series and Types Laser Particle Counter LasPaC-II b Version Portable P c Fluid Compatibility Mineral Oil, Petroleum based fluids (standard option) M Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol ® ) E Specific Water Glycol fluids G d Moisture/ Temperature Sensor Without moisture/ temperature sensor O With moisture/ temperature sensor W Please note: The moisture/ temperature sensor is not suitable for Phosphate Ester (e.g. Skydrol®) and Water Glycol fluids. Light-Weight Rugged Industrial Case Integrated Printer Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Oil Analysis Equipment