Catalogue 8 - STAUFF Diagtronics

A 14 Measuring pressure on equipment is indispensable for monitoring and ensuring the smooth functioning and operating safety of these systems. STAUFF offers a variety of simple pressure measuring devices for liquid and gaseous media. These pressure gauges can be used as both stationary or portable devices. STAUFF addresses the very extensive width of possible system pressures and the strict requirements for precision with a variety of pressure gauge types with different measuring ranges. The glycerine filled gauge range is available with various connection ports to fit many different installation needs. The pressure gauges can be purchased alone or in a test kit. The kits can be supplied with gauges with different pressure ranges and adaptors to satisfy any requirement. The analog pressure gauges are primarily designed for permanent installations. STAUFF also offers a digital line for analytical troubleshooting. These digital pressure gauges are also available as a pressure test kit and also make it possible to perform the many different measurement tasks with the help of adaptors and the measuring hose. An important advantage is the possibility to measure pressure peaks with the device, to save them short term and to display them in the display as MIN and MAX values. In addtion to the individual products, the STAUFF measuring devices are also available as kit. Pressure Gauges (analogue/digital) and Accessories Catalogue 8 § Edition 05/2021 Pressure Gauges