Catalogue 5 - STAUFF Quick Release Couplings 95 BP Catalogue 5 § Edition 03/2024 STAUFF Push-to-Connect Couplings Series BP § Carbon Steel Product Description Push-to-Connect couplings of the BP Series from STAUFF consist of a male tip and a female body which are used for quick and easy connection (push) and disconnection of tubes, pipes and hoses by hand, i.e. without tools. The Series was developed according to ISO 5676 in the nominal size 12,5 (1/2“). The proven design is suitable for use in hydraulic braking systems of tractors and trailers. Features § Flat Face § Coupling made from carbon steel with Zinc/Nickel surface coating § Integrated locking system preventing unintentional release of the coupling § ISO Interchange acc. to ISO 5676 § Female body is supplied with a parking station § Male tip can be panel mounted Applications Top Features Zinc/Nickel coating Hydraulic trailers Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Suitable for panel mounting parking station for female body Designed for secure connection