Catalogue 5 - STAUFF Quick Release Couplings 219 Catalogue 5 § Edition 03/2024 Marking Clips Description The marking clips are used for identification purposes. Mark Colour Ordering Codes 1 red QRC-SZ-CL-1-K-RD 2 red QRC-SZ-CL-2-K-RD 3 green QRC-SZ-CL-3-K-GN 4 green QRC-SZ-CL-4-K-GN 5 yellow QRC-SZ-CL-5-K-YE 6 yellow QRC-SZ-CL-6-K-YE 7 blue QRC-SZ-CL-7-K-BU 8 blue QRC-SZ-CL-8-K-BU II white QRC-SZ-CL-R2-K-WH III white QRC-SZ-CL-R3-K-WH Rückl. black QRC-SZ-CL-T-K-BK Neutr. black QRC-SZ-CL-K-BK Safety Clamp with 4-hole flange Description This safety clamp enables the HP-10 Female Body to be rigidly secured on the vehicle. The carrier is held in the clamp by a spring. Ordering Codes QRC-SZ-BH-38-W66 Anchor bracket for Male Tip Description The anchor bracket allows the Male Tip to be parked when disconnected. This protects the probe from damage and dirt. The anchor bracket is made of red plastic and fitted with a spring-loaded cap. Ordering Codes QRC-HP-12-MH-M18-K-RD Colour Marking Rings / Spare Parts / Accessories