Catalogue 5 - STAUFF Quick Release Couplings

204 Colour Ordering Codes l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-RD l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-BK l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-YE l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-BU l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-GN l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-OE l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-PU l MR-QRC-20.1x1.2x2-K-GY Colour Marking Rings for Female Bodies Series QRC-HS-F Colour Ordering Codes l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-RD l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-BK l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-YE l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-BU l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-GN l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-OE l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-PU l MR-QRC-24.1x1.2x3.6-K-GY Colour Ordering Codes l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-RD l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-BK l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-YE l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-BU l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-GN l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-OE l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-PU l QRC-29.9x1.2x4-K-GY Colour Ordering Codes l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-RD l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-BK l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-YE l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-BU l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-GN l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-OE l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-PU l MR-QRC-37.9x1.4x4-K-GY Colour Ordering Codes l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-RD l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-BK l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-YE l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-BU l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-GN l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-OE l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-PU l MR-QRC-43.5x1.4x5-K-GY Colour Ordering Codes l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-RD l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-BK l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-YE l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-BU l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-GN l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-OE l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-PU l MR-QRC-65x1.4x6-K-GY QRC-HS-06-F QRC-HS-10-F QRC-HS-12-F QRC-HS-19-F QRC-HS-25-F QRC-HS-38-F Note: The matching of the colour marking rings applies to all connection types of the couplings in the respective nominal sizes. Catalogue 5 § Edition 05/2023 Colour Marking Rings / Spare Parts / Accessories