Catalogue 5 - STAUFF Quick Release Couplings 151 HR Catalogue 5 § Edition 03/2024 STAUFF Screw-to-Connect Couplings Series HR § Carbon Steel Product Description Features Screw-to-connect couplings of the HR Series from STAUFF consist of a female body with external thread and a male tip with a screw sleeve. The Series is developed for particularly heavy-duty, high pressure and high pulsing applications for connecting hydraulic lines up to DN38 (1 1/2"). Coupling (screwing) and uncoupling (unscrewing) of the two halves is safe and very easy. After the connection is complete, all internal components have minimal play or clearance, which significantly reduces the risk of material fatigue. Another advantage is that the risk of permanent indentation, so-called "brinelling", on the surface of the male tip is eliminated, which can occur with push-to-connect couplings in similar extreme applications. The proven design is suitable for use in heavy construction machinery and available in nominal sizes 10, 12,5, 19, 25, 38 (3/8" - 1 1/2"). § Poppet Valve § Zinc-Plating and Thick-Film-Passivation (Chrome III) § Can be connect under pressure up to 100 bar (1450 PSI) Applications Construction Machinery Top Features Vibration resistant Connect Under pressure Designed for secure connection