Catalogue 2 - STAUFF Connect

284 R Tube Manipulation Catalogue 2 § Edition 04/2022 Tube Saw Devise Type TUSD-MA Ordering Code ƒ Tube Saw Devise TUSD-MA-M642 Spare Parts / Accessories Description Ordering Codes Round-Head-Rivet Kit 4 pcs. Kit-SD-MA-S-Round-Head-Rivet-W5 SAW-Guide Kit 2 pcs. Kit-SD-MA-S-Saw-Guide-W101 Barcked Bolt Kit 2 pcs. Kit-SD-MA-S-Bolt-W32 Bracked-compl. SD-MA-S-Bracked-compl.-W32 Parts assignment: ƒ Dimensions (W x D x H): 80mm x 70mm x 140 mm 3.15 in x 2.76 in x 5.51 in ƒ Weight: 1,6kg / 3.5 lbs Product Description This device can be used to cut steel and stainless steel tubes with an outer diameter between 6 and 42 mm at a precise 90° angle. It can either be used with a vice or simply clamped onto the tube for cutting. A standard hacksaw is used for sawing off the tube. Product Features ƒ 90° cut on tubes up to 42 mm ƒ Tube diameter is not deformed during the clamping process ƒ Robust, durable design ƒ No vice required, device can also simply be clamped onto the tube ƒ The saw blade guide can easily be replaced separately when it is worn ƒ Ideal for flexible mobile use, e.g. for installation work at a construction site Technical Data