Catalogue 2 - STAUFF Connect 283 R Tube Manipulation Catalogue 2 § Edition 04/2022 Tube Bending and Saw Device Type TUBSD-MA Ordering Code ƒ Tube Bending and Saw Device in Steelcase TUBSD-MA-M612-LV-KIT Spare Parts / Accessories Description Ordering Codes Bending roll 6/8mm (Radius 19/20mm) TUBSD-T-BE-M6/8-W101 Bending roll 10mm (Radius 25mm) TUBSD-T-BE-M10-W101 Bending roll 12mm (Radius 26mm) TUBSD-T-BE-M12-W101 Bending-Lever-compl TUBSD-S-Bending-Lever-compl-W101 Baseplate-compl TUBSD-S-Baseplate-compl-W101 Hold-Roll TUBSD-S-Hold-Roll-W101 Bending-Roll-Mount TUBSD-S-Bending-Roll-Mount-W101 Round-Head-Rivet Kit 4 pcs. Kit-TUBSD-S-Round-Head-Rivet-W5 SAW-Guide Kit 2 pcs. Kit-TUBSD-S-SAW-Guide-W101 Pivot-Pin TUBSD-S-Pivot-Pin-W101 Guide-Roller-Mount TUBSD-S-Guide-Roller-Mount-W101 Guide-Roller TUBSD-S-Guide-Roller-W101 Butterfly lock bolt TUBSD-S-Butterfly lock bolt W101 Parts assignment: Product Description ƒ Bending and sawing with one device ƒ Wear-resistant steel bending rollers ƒ Small bending radii for compact installations ƒ Optimised bending contour: The tube diameter is not deformed during the bending process ƒ Saw blade guiding ensures 90° cuts ƒ Can be used with or without a vice ƒ Ideal for flexible mobile use, e.g. for installation work at a construction site ƒ Dimensions (W x D x H): 355mm x 125mm x 56mm 13.98 in x 4.92 in x 2.20 in ƒ Weight (incl. Case): 3,4kg / 7.50 lbs This sturdy steel case is designed for short-term use on the go, providing all components required for ben- ding and sawing off hydraulic tubes made of steel or stainless steel. The case contains a combined manual tube bending and sawing device which can be attached with a standard vice or directly to a work- bench top with a thickness of up to 35 mm. The contour of the holding fixture ensures that cuts are made at a 90° angle. Three low-wear bending rollers made of steel allow processing of steel or stainless steel tubes with an outer diameter of 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm. The optimised bending contour of the rollers prevents deformation of the tube even for smaller bending radii. A bending lever is also included in the set. A standard hacksaw is used for sawing off the tube. The case also has space for the STAUFF universal internal and external tube reamer for tube diameters from 6 to 35 mm. The reamer is not included in the set, but can be purchased separately, as can all components of this convenient repair set in a robust steel case. Product Features Technical Data