Catalogue 2 - STAUFF Connect 277 Q Catalogue 2 § Edition 04/2022 Measuring and Test Equipment Cone Gauges Type FI-KOL Size Ordering Codes 06L/S FI-KOL-06L/S-W1 08L/S FI-KOL-08L/S-W1 10L/S FI-KOL-10L/S-W1 12L/S FI-KOL-12L/S-W1 14S FI-KOL-14S-W1 15L FI-KOL-15L-W1 16S FI-KOL-16S-W1 18L FI-KOL-18L-W1 20S FI-KOL-20S-W1 22L FI-KOL-22L-W1 25S FI-KOL-25S-W1 28L FI-KOL-28L-W1 30S FI-KOL-30S-W1 35L FI-KOL-35L-W1 38S FI-KOL-38S-W1 42L FI-KOL-42L-W1 Product Description Ordering Code ƒ Cone Gauge Kit in Box (Size 6 to 42) FI-Box-Cone-Gauge-Kit-6-42 Single Cone Gauges These cone gauges are designed for wear checks on the 24° cone for all STAUFF final assembly studs 6 - 42 mm. To ensure accuracy during cutting ring assembly, the assembly stud has to be checked for wear and damage after max. 50 assembly processes (DIN 3859-2). This set is suitable for all final assembly studs of type FI-MFK as well as for manual assembly cones of type FI-FK. The cone gauges are available individually or as a complete set for all sizes in a convenient case. ƒ Ensure accurate cutting ring assembly because the target cone in the stud can be verified with precision ƒ Prevents premature replacement of the studs ƒ Easy handling ƒ Dimensions Case (W x D x H): 357mm x 305mm x 80mm 14.06 in x 12.01 in x 3.15 in ƒ Dimensions Cone Gauges (H) 95 mm / 3.74 in Product Features Technical Data