Catalogue 1 - STAUFF Clamps

64 C Catalogue 1 § Edition 01/2024 Twin Series according to DIN 3015, Part 3 Fastening Adaptor (for Use with Mounting Rail TS) Type SWG-MRA Fastening Adaptor, type SWG-MRA are also suitable for Twin Series. Alternative materials and surface finishings are available upon request. Contact STAUFF for further information. Ordering Code Fastening Adaptor * SWG-MRA- * TS14- * S- *A * Fastening Adaptor SWG-MRA * for Mounting Rail TS14 TS14 * End Piece S Intermediate Piece/Connector D * Version A Product Features Fastening Adaptor for Direct Screw Mounting of STAUFF Mounting Rails Type TS-14 with Weld Studs M6 and Bolts M6 or 1/4–20 UNC (Support Sleeve / Washer Recommended) Material: Polyamide Instructions for Use ¡ Are pressed into the side of the Mounting Rail TS-14 and bolted to the installation ¡ Positioning of the mounting rail 2 mm above the installation ¡ Initially designed for use with weld studs with internal thread M6 ¡ Can also be used with M6 bolts – depending on the load, an internal support sleeve (e.g. 1130023624 LBBU-HUE-1/1D-SP-M6/U1/4-W3) and/or washer may be required ¡ Maximum recommended distance between two fastening adapters of 222 mm (corresponds to a length of the mounting rail of 200 mm) ¡ In case of doubt, please consult STAUFF for information on maximum static and dynamic loads Group Dimensions ( mm / in ) Ordering Code Ordering Code STAUFF DIN ØD L1 L2 B S (End Piece) (Intermediate Piece/Connector) 1D - 5D 0 bis 8 16 29 36 24 16,5 SWG-MRA-TS14-S-A SWG-MRA-TS14-D-A .63 1.14 1.42 .94 .65 S L2 B ØD ØD S L1 B End Piece Intermediate Piece/Connector End Piece Intermediate Piece/Connector